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Spouse and Family News for the week of 20 APRIL 2009

Obama Vows More Support to Mil Families
Fresh back from visiting troops deployed to Iraq, President Barack Obama said he was "inspired all over again by the men and women in our armed forces," and vowed to ensure the programs that support them receive proper funding. Obama said he made a surprise visit to Baghdad earlier this week to thank deployed troops personally for their service and what they've helped accomplish....More

A Personal Finance Guide for Military Families
We are pleased to present you with a personal-finance guide created especially for military families. While our troops carry out their difficult and dangerous missions, we know that they and their families are not immune to the financial turmoil that is impacting every household in America. Times are tough and it is harder than ever to make ends meet, let alone save money for future expenses such as college and retirement....More

Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund
Prior to the recession, getting a tax refund gave many Americans an excuse to hit the malls or buy big-ticket luxury items they?ve coveted over the year. However, those days may be over, since so many Americans are out of work or struggle to pay bills. In fact, at least 71 percent of tax payers who expect a 2008 refund will try to save the money instead of spend it, according to an ING Direct survey....More

Coping with Deployment: Psychological First Aid
Military families know how difficult deployments are, and the American Red Cross wants to help them deal with the stress. The Red Cross is training 58 mental health professionals this week in Washington, D.C. in its program Coping with Deployments: Psychological First Aid for Military Families, developed specifically to help military family members respond to the stress and strain surrounding the deployment of a loved one....More

Military Couple Finds Ways to Be Together
June 6, 1998, the 54th anniversary of D-Day, probably was a day like any other that summer. There's a good chance it was sunny in a small town in New York state outside of Fort Drum, where two young Army captains met for their own rendezvous with destiny....More

Handling post divorce debt
I got into about $20,000 in credit card debt due to the fact that my ex-husband only had a job about half the 7 years we were married. Through the process of our divorce we split the debt between us and I am now almost completely out of credit card debt!...More

Chi Running Improves Form and Workout
Sometimes while out jogging in New York City, I will see someone whose form is so awkward, I wish I could tap them on the shoulder and show them a video of what they really look like. Danny Dreyer must feel like this every day. He founded ?Chi Running?-- a running philosophy all about form....More

Troop Greeters' Red Carpet Night
Last year when we began telling our military friends about our transfer to Bangor, Maine, their first response was something like, "Isn't that where veterans welcome troops coming through the airport?" In fact, some of our friends had been greeted there themselves....More

Busting Scholarship Myths
While looking for money for school many servicemembers, veterans, and their families tend to overlook more than $300 million of military ? and veteran ? related scholarships and grants. These scholarships often go unclaimed due to the following three myths:...More

50 Ways to Save on Travel
As I've said before, we military folks tend to spend a lot of time traveling. Whether we're PCSing, going to visit family, or just taking a proper vacation, any time spent outside of your own home is going to be more expensive than staying home....More

Military Discounts: 700+ companies thank you for serving your country
You deserve great deals. More than 700 companies provide discounts as a way of saying thank you for your service. Discounts and special offers are available in a number of categories -- airline reservations to groceries. Bookmark the Discount Center and make it the first place you look when you are shopping online....More

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